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Airfare savings
Finding cheap fares

Here you gain the "mind set"—the outlook needed—to find the cheapest fares.

Imitate the French—a special hint

Think of this. Americans and Canadians—especially English-speaking Canadians—tend to decide what they want to eat first, and then go to the market to buy it.

On the other hand, the French usually go to the market first in order to experience the freshness and price of the food—and then decide what to eat. "Ah, the sole and asparagus are outstanding. I will cook them tonight."

Why not do the same when you travel for pleasure?

For example, why not holiday where Southwest and other budget airlines reduce fares, instead of deciding on a destination before researching prices? The savings can be incredible.

Even business travellers can profit from this outlook.

For example, from an airfare standpoint, it's astronomically more expensive to open a new national sales office in Memphis or Minneapolis than in Kansas City.

Find budget destinations easily

So, how do you find these cheap destinations?
Comparing all those prices could be very time consuming.

Not really.

If you're departing from a U.S. airport, you have a fun and quick way to find bargain destinations:

  • Dream Maps shows bargain airfares from your city.

    You tell Dream Maps the maximum you are willing to spend, and it tells you where you can go.

    There are options for Europe, national parks, Asia, the South Pacific, etc.

    Travelocity's Dream Maps takes some patience to use, as it keeps getting messages from airlines telling what really is available.

    You may need to change dates to grab an especially low fare.

Study route maps

Another great way to save is to study the route maps of budget airlines.

You don't have to travel these airlines—other airlines usually match their fares—but you'll want to know where they go.

Naturally, the more service these have to a particular destination, the more likely they are to lower overall fares.

Airlines to check include

Think of competition

You'll also want to think about where many people from your area travel—this fosters competition.

In Toronto, lots of travellers vacation in Jamaica. Few, however, reach Cabo. In Los Angeles, it's the opposite.

Jamaica fares tend to be cheap from Toronto, but more expensive from Los Angeles.

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