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Saving in high-priced hotel cities, Part II

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Saving on Hotels, Part I
In higher-priced cities in Canada and the U.S.

If you want to maximize your saving on hotels, you must use the Internet.

Everyone from Motel 6 to Hilton, as well as from Expedia.com to Travelocity, has Internet-only specials, and these can give great values. In fact, you'll often see something like, "Lowest price guaranteed."

However, despite these claims, you can do even better.

When you read the small print, you will find the guarantees usually do not apply to the lowest prices of Hotwire and Priceline.com because these two sites do not publish rates for specific hotels.

Hotwire gives no prices specific hotels for its best deals and Priceline quotes no rates for its bargain "Name your own price" service, which does not name hotels.

Hotwire and Priceline are often much cheaper

With these, you choose price, quality, and general location, but NOT a specific hotel prior to paying. Quality, price, and location—the district of the city it's located in—are all most people need to know when choosing a hotel.

Hotels like to give excess inventory to Priceline and Hotwire, because their regular customers never see these low rates advertised.


Hotwire.com provides an easy to use tool for low hotel prices. As with the best deals on Priceline, Hotwire does not specific hotels.

Instead, Hotwire lists neighborhoods, hotel star quality rankings (1 low to 5 high), hotel amenities (such as swimming pools), and prices.

You find out the name of your hotel after paying.

Always check both Hotwire and Priceline, plus a regular site like Hotels.comLink place marker to make sure that you are really saving.

Priceline Express Deals

Probably because Hotwire has been easier to use compared to Priceline's bidding process, Priceline rolled out its "Express Deals." These are often extremely good hotel deals. You do not bid.

Express Deals, Hotels up to 45% off with NO bidding!

Priceline "Name your own price" bidding

How do you know what to bid on Priceline?

That's easy. Priceline tells you successful bids, if you know where to look.

Check out:

Name Your Own Price Hotel - See Winning Bids in Top Cities! Link Priceline hotel bids

Of course, during a special event or large convention, you'll need to pay higher than what is shown. Also, you won't usually obtain such a large percentage off lower-ranked (2- or 2.5-star) hotels. You'll still save, though.

Generous price guarantees

Both Hotwire and Priceline guarantee their low rates.

Hotwire gives you a "double the difference" guarantee that says if you find a lower price for the same hotel, type of room, and dates available to the general public within 48 hours of booking, you'll be refunded double the difference in price.

Priceline's rules are similar, but refunds 100% of the difference if you find a lower price available to the general public within 24 hours.

Just so you know

You cannot make changes or get a refund of these low prices once you authorize use of your credit card number.

Moreover, some rooms (especially in large cities) may not hold more than two persons.


Express Deals, Hotels up to 45% off with NO bidding!Priceline Express Hotel Deals link

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