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Public Library and Empire State Building
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Fifth Avenue, Grand Army Plaza, and Plaza Hotel
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Walking to Experience New York City
Explore the famous Miracle Mile and Rockefeller Center

The Miracle Mile

From the Plaza Hotel, walk south along the east side of Fifth Avenue.

Note the CBS television production centre across from the Plaza Hotel. On NFL Sundays, commentators broadcast from outside of the front of this building with crowds on the sidewalk in the background.

This portion of Fifth Avenue, between the Plaza Hotel and Rockefeller Center, along with Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, is one of America's most deluxe shopping streets. New Yorkers call it the Miracle Mile.

At 57th Street, you'll find Tiffany's and the Trump Tower. Donald Trump and his ever changing family live upstairs.

Be sure to go into the lobby of the Trump Tower, and then down to the lower level. There you can buy Trump ice cream from what may be the most deluxe ice cream shop you've ever seen, as well as other treats.

The Museum of Television and Radio, 25 West 52nd Street, is just to your right off Fifth Avenue. This portion of 52nd is also called Swing Street. This museum is best visited in the afternoon.

At 50th Street and Fifth Avenue stands Saint Patrick's Cathedral, the most well-known Catholic church in America, in marked contrast to the surrounding architecture.

This is the place where famous Catholics marry and where Americans come to grieve their Catholic icons such as Robert Kennedy.

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Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center begins around 50th Street. Go around to the back of this commercial and entertainment complex to view its famous skating rink—roller skating in Summer and ice skating in Winter. During the holiday season, a beautiful Christmas tree overlooks this spot.

In Rockefeller Center are the Radio City Music Hall, which offers films and dance revues, and the offices and studios of the National Broadcasting Network (NBC). Tours of NBC depart every 15 minutes Monday through Saturday, and you may see actual television shows in production on weekdays.

At NBC, free tickets to be in the audience of live productions may be available. Usually, the "hottest" ticket is for "Saturday Night Live" (official site or a fan's site).

The infamous WNBC Radio (Double-U--pause, don't forget to slightly pause here, and really emphasize the next n--N!-Bee-Cee), which used to be in Rockefeller Center, was featured in the movie Private Parts.

Many miss 66 WNBC and its fierce competitor "All American Radio" Musicradio 77 WABC, two great radio stations of the 1960s Rock & Roll era. Talk about Cousin Brucie, a former WABC disk jockey, with a 50 to 65 year old New Yorker and you will be family.

These are now talk radio stations.

"It's now number one on Seventy-Seven! Double U A Bee Ceeeee!"
"More and more music here!--More and more people here!--Musicradio!--Seventy-seven, Double U A Bee--Ceeeee!"
"It's a cold minus 10 Double U A Bee Cee Dee-grees in New York."

Nearby on Broadway, you'll find the Late Show with David Letterman with its celebrity guests, which is also a very hard to obtain television show ticket. Grab it or Saturday Night Live if you can. Check out the "tickets" section on the first Late Show page to submit your request. Good luck!

Continue walking south on Fifth Avenue to 42nd Street.

Continue your New York City walk with Public Library and Empire State Building.

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