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Hot Springs and Hot Pools Southwest 
Of the Southwest, Baja California and Hawaii

Hot Springs and Hot Pools
Of the Northwest, Canada,
And Eastern United States

With her recently updated Southwest hot springs guidebook and the 1999 Northwest one that also includes Canada, Arkansas, and states east of the Mississippi, Marjorie Gersh-Young has continued to expand on the series established by Jason Loam.

Dr. Voyageur loves these informative guides. He like the author loves the hot springs experience.

Using either guide, we get a "feeling" for the ambience of each spring or pool. We learn whether or not we can be nude, whether or not we can camp on site, how far we must travel for food, etc. Only springs or pools over 90ºF are reviewed, and artificially heated spots are included, where these will bring pleasure.

Each revision provides more detail. Directions are good--Dr. Voyageur has found them accurate to within one-tenth of a mile. Naturally, off-road directions are sometimes less precise.

The Southwest guide includes Arizona, Baja California, California, Colorado, Hawaii (new this edition), Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. The Northwest edition covers Alaska, Arkansas, Canada (especially British Columbia), Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and states east of the Mississippi River, including Florida.

Without reservation, Dr. Voyageur recommends these guidebooks.

Southwest edition >> Buy from Amazon.com

Find out more about the Southwest edition.

Northwest version >> Buy from Amazon.com

Learn more about the Northwest version

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