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Let's Go California and Nevada

Let's Go California

Loaded with up-to-date information for budget travellers, Let's Go California 10th Edition makes an ideal companion to plan a trip to California and Las Vegas.

The usual great accommodation, club, restaurant, and sightseeing tips we expect from this student-written series are found here. Let's Go California pays for itself over and over in both savings and extra fun. The authors even tell us how to obtain jobs as movie extras, as Dr. Voyageur's father did several times when visiting Los Angeles. 

Let's Go California covers the big cities and small--Arcata, Beverly Hills, Big Sur, Burbank, Carmel, Chico, Davis, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Reno, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz to name a few--and explores the best natural spots like the Pacific Coast Highway, the deserts, Lake Tahoe, the High Sierra, Yosemite, the redwood area--all the best places we want to visit in both California and Nevada.

We see the premier sights, visit the most fun clubs, eat at the top budget restaurants, sleep in the best value accommodation, and most of all bring home happy memories that last a lifetime.

Unlike many guides, each listing in Let's Go California 10th Edition is revisited and re-evaluated each year with no longer worthy or closed ones removed and new recommendations added, so the accuracy is outstanding. No other guide remains so consistently up to date.

A must for any value conscious visitor to California. Very highly recommended.

Let's Go California

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