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Let's Go Washington, D.C., 2004

Let's Go Washington, D.C.

Fascinating, dangerous to the uncareful, often enjoyable Washington, D.C., is a must stop for most visitors to the United States.

Here, more than most places, we depend on a good guide to maximize our good experiences and to steer us away from negative encounters. Unlike some D.C. guidebooks, Let's Go Washington puts our well-being ahead of political correctness, and gives essential safety information.

Another in the excellent Harvard Student Agencies series, Let's Go Washington, D.C. 2004 has been completely updated with each previous recommendation revisited, ones no longer worthy removed, and the best new places added.

Detailed, but clear descriptions of galleries, museums, historic places, budget hotels, hostels, restaurants, public gardens, government offices, museums, music venues, transportation, tours, shopping, and more guide us throughout our visit, and make sure that we can prioritize the time we have.

Written for budget travellers, Let's Go Washington, D.C. is a must for long-term or short-term visitor alike and surprisingly fun to read for such a practical guidebook.

Let's Go Washington, D.C.

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