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Let's Go New York City 2005 Guidebook
New York City -- What a town!

Let's Go New York City

Partly because Let's Go New York City 2005 was written by Harvard students whose favourite pastime is a weekend "in the city", we find the advice in this member of the always excellent Let's Go series to be the cream of the crop. The writers love New York, and their budget advice will help us to do so, too.

From dawn to dawn, we are led from one wonderful experience to another. And, we have choices—many choices—in this very comprehensive budget guide.

Once we visit New York, we know why people who have the ability to live anywhere make New York their home during at least part of the year. We never run out of things to do in this always fascinating and always entertaining city. Let's Go New York City 2005 does much to help us focus on the most worthwhile and fun activities.

We receive all the usual excellent sightseeing, budget hotel, hostel, restaurant, club, museum, music venue, and transportation advice we expect from the Let's Go series.

As with all guides in this series, Let's Go New York City gives important safety information. These writers do not let political correctness stand in the way of our well-being.

Unlike many guidebooks, each budget accommodation and restaurant listing has been revisited and evaluated again for 2005, with new ones added and no longer worthy places removed.

A must for anyone who will visit New York. Highly recommended for budget travellers!

Let's Go New York City

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