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Let's Go USA 2005
With Some Coverage of Canada
Harvard Student Agencies

Let's Go USA 2005

With some 1000 thoroughly researched pages updated yearly, Let's Go USA Canada gives the most consistently accurate budget travel advice for a wide-ranging trip throughout Canada and the U.S.

Let's Go USA has been completely revised for 2005 with each previous recommendation revisited to be either reevaluated or removed, and new suggestions added.

Written each year by more than 30 writers who fan out across North America (with as many good writing styles), Let's Go USA Canada 2005 has some of the most helpful travel advice imaginable. All areas are covered: accommodation, food, transportation, sightseeing, clubs and other entertainment, cultural activities--often presented with excellent good humour.

Particularly appreciated are the safety warnings. These Harvard student writers do not let political correctness overshadow our well-being.

Dr. Voyageur has used many editions of this guide, and urges you to do so too. The only exception is if you will be spending lots of time in one area. Then buy the excellent regional Let's Go guides like Let's Go California 2004.

Dr. Voyageur highly recommends the Lets Go USA Canada guide to fun-loving value conscious travellers.

Let's Go USA 2005

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