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El Cholo Cookbook:
Superb Mexican Food

El Cholo Cookbook from California's oldest Mexican-style restaurant continues to be a pleasure to read and use. We learn the best California-style Mexican cooking and menu planning from this fine restaurant featured several times in Gourmet Magazine, including extensive coverage of El Cholo's history and cuisine and Gourmet's choice of El Cholo as the best family-style restaurant in southern California.

Enjoy the finest recipes from Dr. Voyageur's favourite Mexican restaurant. Easy to prepare. Delicious to eat. Rich but usually mild. Many dishes for lacto-vegetarians prepared without lard.

The cookbook offers all the usual southern California treats plus El Cholo's famed crab enchilladas, green corn tamales, etc.

Since 1927, five generations at El Cholo have perfected this wonderful food. Although it continues to feature the traditional favourites found on its combination plates, El Cholo has become well-known for its innovative menu items, which also are highlighted in its cookbook.

This cookbook is very highly recommended. Dr. Voyageur has enjoyed dining at El Cholo for more than half of his life.

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When in southern California, you can reach El Cholo Mexican Restaurant easily from downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Wilshire District, and USC. Many regular diners come from Santa Monica, UCLA, and all of western Los Angeles.

Open for lunch and diner, El Cholo is located at 1121 South Western, between the Santa Monica Freeway and Wilshire Boulevard. It has been here or across the street since 1927.

El Cholo also has a branch in Santa Monica, with the same menu, that I love plus several more that I have not tried.

When not in L.A., some diners have El Cholo ship meals all over the world, including catering for entire movies being filmed on location. The food in this cookbook is that good!

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