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Adjusting to Your New Life In Canada and the USA
Doing your laundry

Self-serve laundromats are time-consuming, but they are also really great places to meet people.

Try to buy "wrinkle free" dresses, shirts, and trousers made of natural fibres like cotton. If not washed in too hot water or dried in too hot air and if not washed or dried too many at a time and then allowed to sit in the dryer, these really do remain mostly wrinkle free. This saves enormous time, and who wants to iron anyway?

Before going, buy a medium-size package of laundry soap and a small bottle or package of bleach at a supermarket or Target-type discount store . The small packets of these available at laundromats are quite expensive. You may want regular soap plus a bottle of Whisk with Wrinkle Reducer or a similar product. Also, buy an inexpensive plastic clothes hamper at a Target-type place.

Keep and wash dirty clothes separately. Wrinkle free with wrinkle free. Sturdy coloured with coloured. Study whites like t-shirts with similar whites.

As mentioned, do not overheat the wrinkle free items. Also avoid too much heat with your coloured clothing. That means use a lower heat setting and take the clothes out as soon as they are dry.

Strong white items like towels, on the other hand, can withstand high temperatures. For these whites, let the the washer fill with water and then add a small amount of bleach. Once the machine has stirred the water, add your sturdy white clothing. Some powdered bleach mixtures may be added immediately. If so, they'll say so on the box. Do not use bleach with nonwhites or with wrinkle free items.

Once dried, shake the wrinkle free items and then either put them on clothes hangers or simply fold them—trying not too fold the backs of shirts too much. If folded, do not stack too much on them.

In urban areas, never leave your items unattended.


Now, you know the the drudgery of laundering, just like most Americans and Canadians.

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