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Connecting by Amtrak in Chicago
What to do if have a long connection

Connecting by Amtrak in Chicago and have a long wait? With Union Station in the heart of the Chicago Loop, there's much to do nearby. This image shows a street near both Union Station looking toward the Chicago Board of Trade building.

Connecting by Amtrak in Chicago and have a long wait? With Amtrak Union Station in the heart of the Chicago Loop, there's much to do nearby.

With one exception, all Amtrak passengers travelling across the United States must change trains at Chicago Union Station. You may have a few hours there.

Instead of remaining in a crowded terminal, here a some hints to enjoy your time in Chicago.

Chicago Union Station stands adjacent to the "Loop", the main commercial and museum area, and within walking distance of the North Michigan Avenue upscale shopping area.

The Union Station food court

You find the Union Station food court on its lower level. Any railroad employee can direct you. This is not a "chain" environment. These are local vendors, who depend on the repeat visits of all the suburban Chicago commuters who pass through the station each weekday. In other words, in general the food is good.

Union Station "Grand Hall"

The basement Amtrak waiting area is an overcrowded, claustrophobic mess. That the trains are just steps away is its primary attribute.

The original waiting area, in contrast, offers a normally quiet and uplifting environment. Moreover, you are more likely not to have to stand.

Make sure that you return to the Amtrak waiting area in time in order to queue. Amtrak boards by type of passenger—senior, physically challenged, etc.—and type of accommodation booked.

Sightseeing in centre city Chicago

Gray Line Chicago offers tours of Chicago for those with ample time.

Or, during warm weather, you can take a taxi to Oak Street Beach, north of the "Loop" business district, to enjoy a swim in Lake Michigan and relax on a reasonably pleasant urban beach.

Take a walk

Feeling healthy and fit and have some time? Walk to Oak Street Beach during the day as follows: From the North side of Union Station (one of the Adams Street exits), turn right, and walk eastbound some nine blocks on Adams Street to Michigan Avenue through the heart of the city centre.

In front of you at the intersection of Adams and Michigan are Grant Park and the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the most well-known art venues and schools in the United States. The Art Institute frequently has major visiting exhibits.

From just south of here, on the ground floor of the Santa Fe building on Michigan Avenue between Adams and Jackson, the Chicago Architecture Foundation sells wonderful group walking, coach, bicycle, and even boat tours of Chicago. Check its outstanding Internet site for tour details or stop by its information desk in the Santa Fe building.

Doc V highly recommends these tours. The walking tours usually start at the Santa Fe Building, and are fascinating even if you have no architectural background. Its coach tours often feature the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, who was based in Chicago for many years. Its Chicago River boat tours are exceptionally popular. This is a non profit organization. Prices are very reasonable.

If walking on your own, turn left, and walk northbound on Michigan Avenue, the premier business street of Chicago. You will pass the Wrigley (gum) Building, the The Trump Tower, Water Tower Place, and other well-known sights.

After some 21 mostly short but interesting blocks, you reach Oak Street, where Michigan Avenue ends at the lake. Access this nice beach through the park and enjoy the views of the skyline and lakeshore. Lake temperatures in mid-summer are just right for warm days.

The shoreline apartment buildings just south of here are amongst the most desirable places to live in Chicago.

Take a taxi back. You deserve it. If feeling undeserving or under financed, walk westward several blocks to State Street and then south (left) to the Chicago Transit Authority metro stop at Chicago Street. Take any Red Line train marked "Dan Ryan" southbound to Jackson Street. Then walk westbound on Jackson to Union Station at Canal Street. Walk north on Canal to use the impressive eastern entrance to Union Station in order to enter its grand waiting room.

Note: Greyhound connecting passengers can access the above walking tour by exiting the Greyhound Terminal on its Canal Street side, turning left, and walking north three blocks to Adams Street (Union Station). Turn right on Adams to Michigan Avenue. Do not walk between the Greyhound Station and Union Station at night.

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