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Los Angeles: Disneyland
Reaching Disneyland from downtown L.A., Hollywood, & Santa Monica

On this page, you'll find directions for driving to Disneyland from Los Angeles or Santa Monica or using public transportation to reach Disneyland. Note that if you plan to stay more than a day in the Disneyland area, consider booking accommodation there for that portion of your trip. Saves a lot of hassle.

If staying in Santa Monica or Los Angeles, a convenient way to reach Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm, though a more expensive one, is to take a tour bus.

This allows you to jump the queue to get in and saves you from the hassle of driving in L.A. traffic or travelling long distances on public transportation.

Reaching Disneyland by public transportation

From the Amtrak Union Station in downtown Los Angles, you can reach the Disneyland by either frequent Amtrak or Metrolink trains to either Anaheim or Fullerton stations.

These trains cross the concrete Los Angeles River, where so many movies where so many movies and TV shows have been filmed. Amtrak Union Station, too, has been used in nearly countless films and television shows.

Or, you then take an Orange County Transit bus to Disneyland from the bus plaza in back of Union Station.

From anywhere in the immediate Los Angeles area, you can ride Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) buses to Amtrak Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Visit its Internet site for schedules.

Note that MTA transit buses often must brave the same thick traffic as other vehicles.

If coming from Hollywood, North Hollywood, or Universal Studios, you can ride the MTA red line subway to Union Station.

To reach Amtrak Union Station from Santa Monica weekdays you can take Big Blue Bus express #10 during the morning rush hour. Big Blue is one of the best transit operations in the United States. Its buses come back during the afternoon rush hour, and that may be too early for you.

Daily, MTA's Expo light-rail line from downtown Santa Monica takes you to its Metro Center station in downtown LA. There, you can transfer to MTA's red or purple lines, which take you to Union Station.

Reaching Disneyland by car from Santa Monica and West Los Angeles.

If driving from Santa Monica, avoid going through downtown Los Angeles (unless you are used to the sometimes complicated Los Angeles freeways), and instead —

  • Take Interstate 10 (I-10), staying in the right lanes, east to I-405, the San Diego Freeway.

  • Drive south on Interstate 405 to I-105 (near LAX Airport).

  • Go east on I-I05 to I-605, and follow directions below.

If driving from West Los Angeles and the Westwood Village area, avoid going through downtown Los Angeles (unless you are used to the sometimes complicated Los Angeles freeways), and instead —

  • Drive south on Interstate 405 to I-105. (near LAX Airport).

  • Go east on I-105 to I-605.

    Avoid exiting I-105 anywhere between I-405 and I-710, as some neighbourhoods are not safe. If you break down, do not exit. Instead, pull well off the freeway lanes, and put the hood (bonnet) up (getting out on the passenger side, not the traffic side) and the emergency lights on. Police pass every few minutes.

  • Travel south on I-605 two interchanges to the Artesia Freeway.

  • Drive east on the Artesia Freeway, State Highway 91, which passes near Knotts Berry Farm.

  • Go south (southeast) on the Santa Ana Freeway, I-5.

  • Take I-5 south to Harbor Boulevard.

  • Travel south on Harbor Boulevard to Disneyland.

If driving from Los Angeles and Santa Monica to Orange County, rush hour will extend your trip, and rush hour is no mere hour in southern California, which has more cars than people.

What other major city until not long ago devoted a third of its downtown to outside parking?

Reaching Disneyland by car from Hollywood and Universal City

If travelling from the Hollywood or Universal City (Universal Studio) areas,

  • Take the Hollywood Freeway (U.S. Highway 101) southbound (southeast bound) through centre city Los Angeles.

  • As you near downtown, follow the signs for U.S. Highway 101 and the Santa Ana Freeway.

    As you drive these freeways, always be looking ahead as far as possible to see what lanes you should be in for the route you wish to take.

    If you may not be able to safely change lanes fast enough, don't. Instead, continue to an interchange, exit the freeway, and then enter the freeway going back toward your missed turn.

  • Interstate 5 joins the Santa Ana Freeway east of downtown and U.S. 101 ends.

  • Continue on the Santa Ana Freeway, now I-5.

  • Exit southbound onto Harbor Boulevard.

  • Go south on Harbor Boulevard to Disneyland.

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