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Los Angeles: Disneyland: Knott's Berry Farm
Visiting Knott's Berry Farm Amusement Park

Ask typical Los Angeles-area teenagers what their favourite amusement park is and you are likely to hear Knott's Berry Farm.

Usually ignored by out-of-state visitors in favour of Disneyland and Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm has been loved by generations of Southern Californians of all ages.

The young and young at heart enjoy Knott's totally in your face rides that are some of the most thrilling in the U.S. Small children are kept happy, too.

What makes Knott's Berry Farm so special

The intense rides are awesome—Knott's television ads once touted the upchuck potential of these—but the authentic western theme really makes this place special.

Years ago, the Knott family grew berries here, and Mrs. Knott started a roadside stand to sell her preserves and jellies.

Believing it would help attract customers for her preserves, Mrs. Knott's family reconstructed buildings gathered from various abandoned ghost towns. Soon a little stream was made and salted with small gold nuggets, where kids and their parents could pan for gold.

So many rides for smaller children to enjoy.

Kids also love trains and tunnels, so a mine train ride was opened and old steam trains were brought in to ride on other tracks. Like so much at Knott's Berry Farm, these are real trains, not toy ones.

Knowing Mrs. Knott was a great fried chicken cook, people asked why didn't she open a restaurant, and so that was done. You can still enjoy good chicken dinners at "Mrs. Knott's Chicken Restaurant," just outside the park.

The place just grew and grew and grew in an organic way. Various new owners have not spoiled the park, although its character has changed much, as it is now a major amusement park.

With the growth of Los Angeles and the postwar baby boom, the berry farm itself was eventually sold to develop housing and businesses, but all the activities that bought visitors remain for your enjoyment.

You will find the park at 8039 Beach Boulevard in Buena Park, just south of the Santa Ana (the I 5) and Artesia freeways, on the way to Disneyland from Los Angeles..

Do not try to visit both Knott's and Disneyland on the same day, however. That would be trying to do too much.

Various tour companies travel to Knott's. Ask at your hostel or hotel.

HINT: If you're visiting the Disneyland area, Buena Park has significantly less expensive accommodation than you find adjacent to Disneyland.

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