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Los Angeles: Disneyland
Disneyland or Disney World? Which is better?

Above: Disneyland opening day 18 July 1955. Adult admission $1.00.

Should you travel to Disneyland in California or to Disney World in Florida?

Frankly, your kids—and the kid in you—won't care once you're inside the gates.

But, since you asked, Disney World for sure. The contrast in the areas around these parks makes the difference.

But, by all means go to Disneyland if you cannot visit Disney World in Florida in the near future. After all, Disneyland remains one of the great entertainment experiences of the world. Certainly, Dr. Voyageur does not want your kids to hate you. And, the Los Angeles area offers much to see and do, especially for older children and adults.

However, Disneyland California is just not as fresh as its sister in Florida, which is newer and larger, although the Disney Company continues to make improvements. Walt Disney's 1950s California magical kingdom needed the upgrading recently done.

The main problem is lack of space in California and a congested and unplanned neighbourhood.

Walt Disney simply did not realize just how extraordinarily successful his first park in California would become.

In fact, many people, including, some say, Disney himself, thought Disney might bankrupt his company in the 1950's with such a ambitious and untried scheme as Disneyland.

As a consequence, nearly no land was purchased for expansion, and a too small from day one Disneyland became surrounded by sometimes tacky tourist developments.

At Disneyland, building a new attraction usually means tearing down an old one, sometimes not a good thing. Recently, though, the Disney company has been able to assemble some adjacent land for its new "Disney's California Adventure." which gives more choices.

In contrast, in Florida, the Disney company has been able to build a variety of entirely new entertainment and educational parks and resort complexes adjacent to Disney World, such as the Disney Institute and the EPCOT Center, on the land it controls, without having to tear down anything or purchase additional land.

Because it owns so much property around Disney World, Disney has been able to incorporate the area as an independent city giving Disney much control over local government, a controversial situation, but a situation that provides an environment more pleasing to the visitor. Visitors are surprised by how much land remains in its natural state.

However, if you cannot not go to Florida, then do be sure to visit Disneyland in California, which remains a wonderful place, in spite of its age. Walt Disney showed America that wholesome amusement parks could be lots of fun.

Until it opened, the usual carnival and boardwalk experiences in the United States were often downright seedy, as too many still are.

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