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Los Angeles: Disneyland
Introduction to enjoying Disneyland

Tips and hints for getting the most out of your Disneyland visit

You're about to find out the secrets to enjoying Disneyland.

First, arrive early and start with the attractions farthest from the main gate.

Second, visit on weekdays, if possible, as so many local people in California enjoy the park on weekends and holidays. In contrast to the park in Orlando, one of the most populous urban areas in the world lies just outside of Disneyland's gates.

Third, remember that evenings can be fun too, with impressive fireworks and lighting.

Because families with young children have already gone home, the park is less crowded at night.

Fourth, have a hearty meal before entering the park.

You'll like that one admission fee pays for nearly everything—at least you'll know how much your budget is busted in advance—but "everything" does not include the very expensive food sold in the park.

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Fifth, don't overlook some of the other great sights in the area, including Knott's Berry Farm and taking Amtrak (from its Anaheim or Fullerton stations) to the San Diego Zoo.

Sixth, if you have teens, be sure to visit nearby Huntington Beach ("Surf City USA") or the beach area of Newport Beach. At these, you'll find a thriving and enjoyable California beach culture.

Seventh, book your hotel or motel wisely. Check out Accommodation for tips.

Most of all, enjoy your stay in the Disneyland area!

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