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L.A. introduction

Southern California has an obsession with death & you will love it! A travel guide

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Burbank and North Hollywood
Film and television production centres

Burbank and North Hollywood host five major film and television production studios—Universal, NBC Television, Sony (once Columbia Pictures), Walt Disney, and Warner Brothers..

Universal Studios—a must see in Los Angeles—attracts the most travellers, but most fail to go beyond it.

One of the most remarkable things about this area is how very ordinary it seems outside of the studios. You may have the same feeling if you visit Silicon Valley. These could be suburban areas nearly anywhere in California. In Southern California, the film business is an industry, just one that attracts more outside attention.

Universal Studios

The Universal Studios tour is an absolute must for all visitors to Los Angeles.

Unlike Universal in Florida, this is where most Universal films really were made.

For you pleasure >

  • Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho house,
  • His cemetery in The Birds,
  • The town square in the Back to the Future series,
  • The parting of the Red Sea,
  • King Kong,
  • Jaws—they're all here waiting for you.

Reach easily Universal Studios by Red Line subway from downtown Los Angeles and via its Hollywood and Vine station and not worry about parking.

Disney Studios

Although the centre of Disney Pictures production is in Burbank, Disney operates its tour at Walt Disney World in Orlando.

Sony Pictures

Sony owns the former Columbia Pictures studios in Burbank, but its tour is at its old MGM Studios in Culver City, near Santa Monica.

That puts it close to other activities you may want to experience.

Warner Brothers Studios

Sadly, Warner Brothers has ended its highly-ranked public tours.

NBC Television Studios

The NBC (National Broadcasting Company) television studios moved from Burbank to adjacent North Hollywood.

There are no tours, but you can get an intimate look at it by becoming a part of a studio audience at a live filming. That can be great fun.

Find tickets available for not just NBC but for other TV facilities in the LA area at

On Camera Audiences

No show wants its cameras to pan over empty seats.

The tickets you may be offered on the street should be free. Otherwise, they are likely fakes.

Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills

The second most well-known Forest Lawn Cemetery is Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. It overlooks the Disney, Universal and Warner Brothers studios.

Although much newer than its celebrated sister in nearby Glendale, it still has buried a lot of celebrities. Although interned at the Glendale location, Michael Jackson's funeral was held here.

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Southern California has an obsession with death & you will love it! A travel guide

Introduction to your LA visit

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