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Canter's Deli: An LA Icon
A Hip & Lively Late Night Venue

A great way to end any late evening in Los Angeles is a stop at Canter's Deli at 419 North Fairfax Avenue, just up from CBS Television City, north of Beverly Boulevard, and not far from Hollywood and Vine. Things start happening after midnight.

Canter's staff

Canter's is a fine place to get away from the usual "Hi, my name is Michelle, and I will be your server tonight" California restaurant scene.

At Canter's, you must understand, the serving staff is not always happy to see you. Absolutely not. You are a nuisance that these persons must endure to make a living, and their attitude toward you will unequivocally show this.

What they do not know, however, is that Dr. Voyageur loves it when they abuse him. He comes to Canter's at every opportunity. In fact, a warm and smiling server on his recent visit was profoundly disturbing.

nlike Nicholas Cage who met his wife, Patricia Arquette, at Canter's, Dr. V left unfulfilled—a Southern California dining experience nearly ruined.

Where to sit

As you enter Canter's and pass the takeout deli and bakery counters, ignore the main dining room on your right. Blah.

The breakfast-type items, soups, and delicious Kosher-style sandwiches (strangely, Canter's does not maintain a Kosher kitchen) served in the informal dining area straight ahead are what you want. Prices are moderate compared to New York City..

In this place, more than in nearly any other less expensive restaurant in Los Angeles, you may spot celebrities. That happens quite late at night.

Try to maintain California cool and let them dine in peace. Do not talk to them, unless they talk to you. Do not ask for autographs. If passing on the street, you may smile and say hello, but no more unless they initiate conversation. In a restaurant, do not even say hello. And, please do not stare too much. Do not embarrass Dr. Voyageur!

Who knows? In Los Angeles, you could easily become a celebrity yourself someday. Dr. V's father, someone with no acting experience, became an active film extra within days of his first arrival.

Fairfax District

This area is called the Fairfax District.

Melrose here, is a street of many unique small shops and restaurants. The best shopping and people watching are a few blocks east on Melrose. Sadly, the famed Retail Slut shut its doors.

The Improv, one LA's most popular comedy clubs, comes up at 8162 Melrose. Reserve in advance.

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