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Los Angeles:
Century City

Think of Century City as the shopping mall for Beverly Hills.

Also, think of it as one of the media centres of the world.

Century City sits atop what was once a large part of the Twentieth Century Fox studios.

With so much filming done on location or outsourced these days, Twentieth Century Fox and the Fox television networks are able to use just a small portion of the original studio in back of Century City, a leaner and meaner environment as befits the film industry of today.

The high rises of Century City also include the ABC Television west coast production facility, as well as the Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel, a hotel that has long hosted U.S. presidents and visiting heads of state. (A convenient helicopter pad on its roof is a perk they and their security details love.)

Of possible interest to visitors is Century City's shopping mall, where you truly can expect to spot celebrities very early in the day. Please be "California cool" and leave them alone.

Gourmet Gelson's "the super market" is an especially good place to see celebrities.

There is also a super cinema complex, with serious and usually well-behaved audiences, as can be expected when the audience includes the film industry itself.

Continue on Wilshire to the Westwood Village area. Turn right onto Westwood Boulevard.

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