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Southern California has an obsession with death & you will love it! A travel guide

L.A. introduction

Off the beaten track L.A.

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Experiencing Hollywood California
Night and Day

View of Hollywood High School from the Roosevelt, where Mariyn  Monroe once lived. The skyline of downtown Los Angeles is in the distance.

No visitor should leave Los Angeles without seeing Hollywood.

But, because much of Hollywood has become less safe in recent years, stay in the area around the new Hollywood and Highland complex and along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

The Hollywood and Highland shopping and entertainment complex incorporates the famed Chinese Theatre and new Kodak Theatre.

Hollywood and Highland calls itself "over the top" and you have to agree.

Its public spaces are spectacular and include the outdoor Babylon Court based on a set from the 1916 D.W. Griffith film, "Intolerance."

Here, too, you find a huge arch that perfectly frames the Hollywood Sign.

For years, Mann's Chinese Theatre hosted the Academy Awards. It was also where top films, such as Howard Hughes' Hells Angels, premiered.

In the outdoor foyer of the theatre, celebrities made various greetings on concrete floor slabs for you to enjoy, including the imprints of some fascinating body parts.

There's no admission fee to the foyer.

Runyon Canyon Hike

Speaking of the Hollywood Sign, you can hike to a view of it in Runyon Canyon Park.

The Runyon Canyon Trail may be the most popular one in the Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles stays hot much of the year. Bring more water than you would do on a hike this short. Look at that vegetation in the video.

Also, avoid hiking in the afternoon.

Enjoy this fun hike!

The Kodak Theatre

The new Kodak Theatre, part of the Hollywood and Highland complex, became the permanent venue of the Academy Awards during 2002.

This brought new excitement in this part of Hollywood.

New visitors have brought increased safety. You are still advised to avoid walking nearly empty streets especially after dark..

At Hollywood and Highland, you'll find many new restaurants and mostly upscale fast food places in all price ranges. There's also a MTA red line metro stop with service from downtown and Amtrak's Union Station, as well as Universal Studios.

Hollywood Boulevard

TAt the hugely popular Grove outdoor shopping mall not far from Hollywood Boulevard and adjacent to CBS Television City and the Los Angeles Farmer's Market. I am sorry that I do not know who the two celebrities are in the foreground.

At the hugely popular Grove outdoor shopping mall is not far from Hollywood Boulevard and adjacent to CBS Television City and the Los Angeles Farmer's Market.

Along both sides of of Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Hollywood and Highland complex (and on Vine just south of Hollywood Boulevard), embedded in the sidewalks, are stars commemorating leaders of the entertainment industry, many already largely forgotten.

These stars are fun to explore.

While walking on Hollywood Boulevard, be sure to pop in the lobby of the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where Marilyn Monroe once lived.

CBS Television City

This is one of the premier TV show production centres in the U.S. It even produces American Idol for its rival ABC TV.

Find tickets available to be in a studio audience at CBS Television City, but also for other TV facilities in the LA area at

On Camera Audiences

No show wants its cameras to pan over empty seats.

Los Angeles (Hollywood) Farmer's Market

Adjacent to the Grove above and to CBS Television City, the Los Angeles Farmer's Market is the largest such place in Southern California.

Try to get there prior to the lunch rush. The outdoor market becomes overwhelmed then.

Los Angeles Original Farmer's Market

Continue exploring Los Angeles with the The Sunset Strip.

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