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The Sunset Strip Los Angeles

For generations, the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood has been one of America's most interesting streets. The Strip, the smaller club live entertainment centre of Los Angeles, acts as one big party on a weekend night.

Visit the Sunset Strip at night.

Sacred ground

Comedian John Belushi died here at the Château Marmont Hotel , as did River Phoenix in front of what was then the Johnny Depp owned Viper Room at 8852 Sunset, still a hangout of local glitterati.

In a previous incarnation of 8852, mobster to the stars and founder of modern Las Vegas Bugsy Siegel operated out at this same address.
He later came to a violent end.

Jim Morrison of the Doors started his rapid slide toward death along the Sunset Strip. "Live fast and die young" seems to be a lifestyle for some here.

On weekend evenings, a fast lane Sunset is not, but you will probably enjoy being in a traffic jam with this lively crowd. Seeing all the fancy cars—many convertibles—alone is worth the visit.

What Sunset Strip and Hollywood area music clubs are most "in" can be best found out by contemporary local word of mouth, as no guidebook can keep up with the frequent changes. Some of the best in L.A. are always on near the Strip.

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store, 8433 Sunset on the right, is one of the oldest and most beloved comedy clubs in the nation.

Dr. Voyageur once saw Robin Williams rise out of the audience and convulse the room, as he witnessed an Improv group performing on stage.

The Comedy Store's tradition has been for for even established comics to appear and hone new material and show appreciation to the audiences that helped them gain fame, and local audiences benefit immensely.

The Strip's lawless legacy

Not being part of the City of Los Angeles, the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood avoided the LAPD (Los Angeles' police department) and its tradition of avoiding corruption such as bribes.

That meant illegal gambling and prostitution thrived on the Strip.

Those days are gone, but the Strip retains a wild flavour.

Although the Strip itself attracts a seemingly predominately "hetro" crowd, this section of Sunset Boulevard is in the largely LGBT run City of West Hollywood.
LGBT clubs and retail venues centre on a very lively section of Santa Monica Boulevard south of the Strip.

Reaching the Sunset Strip

From the Hollywood and Highland complex—another must see—on Hollywood Boulevard, head south on Highland Avenue.

Immediately after Hollywood High School on your right, turn right onto Sunset Boulevard.

The Sunset Strip entertainment area begins where Sunset Boulevard begins to curve and ascend up a hill from Hollywood, west of Highland Avenue.

You'll notice huge billboards advertising new music talent as you go up the hill.

Their market market is often the many music industry executives who use Sunset Boulevard on their way home from work in Hollywood.

The Strip is also easily reached by Metro bus.

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