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L.A. introduction

Off the beaten track L.A.

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Los Angeles:
Visiting Westwood Village, UCLA & Brentwood

The Getty Center

With its sublime art, architecture and gardens the J. Paul Getty Center ranks as one of premier museums in the world. It sits above Brentwood and overlooks Westwood Village and much of Los Angeles.

Explore its website here.

J. Paul Getty Center

The Getty Trust also has a smaller facility in the Los Angeles area, the Getty Villa, located off the Pacific Coast Highway on the way to Malibu.

Metro bus lines 734 (Monday to Friday) and 234 (weekends, holidays, early and late weekday hours) stop at the Getty Center entrance. Passengers can connect to the Metro Expo Rail Line, which connects to downtown Los Angeles or Santa Monica, at the Expo-Sepulveda Station.

Los Angeles Metro transit trip planner

1200 North Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles 90049

Westwood Village

The Westwood Village neighbourhood of West Los Angeles hosts the University of California at Los Angeles, one of the largest universities in the United States.

Its students throng the area on and off Westwood Boulevard just south of campus.

Westwood Village is considered to be a reasonably safe, uplifting, and vibrant urban environment. By Los Angeles standards this area enjoys good public transportation.

The venerable Bruin and Fox Village Theatre near the UCLA entrance have long hosted major film premieres.

These and the Century City, the Chinese in Hollywood, and Universal City (next to Universal Studios) theatres are great places to upgrade your cinema viewing experience.
I especially appreciate that their audiences tend to be respectful (not talking during, etc.) of the films they are viewing, as one would expect in the city that makes them.


Exploring the huge UCLA campus can be fun..

UCLA once had a spacious garden campus, but since the postwar baby boom its campus has also been populated by charmless high rise conglomerations typified by the monolithic and ghastly UCLA Medical Center.

Notwithstanding the appearance of some of its modern construction, UCLA's campus retains much that is pleasant. "Once you actually get on campus and walk through the sculpture garden (which was voted the #1 place in the nation to kiss by Playboy magazine), or look over Janss steps, or take a walk past Royce Hall at night," as Bryan Dutton, a UCLA student, pointed out, "you start to appreciate the beauty of the campus." I agree.

As the above video shows, the central UCLA campus core retains much charm, as commercial filmmakers can attest, and UCLA remains a vibrant and friendly (for such a large school) place to attend university.

In fairness, it's not the building, but what happens inside that counts. The UCLA Medical School ranks in the top 10 medical schools in the U.S. both for its teaching and its medical research (ranked within the top five). The hospital itself is considered THE place to undergo such procedures as cardiovascular surgery.

Who can be mad at a hospital affiliated with the UCLA Medical School whose former adjunct professor Norman Cousins prescribed exposure to comedy as one of the best therapeutic modalities of all?

"Ultimately, it is the physician's respect for the human soul that determines the worth of his science." — Norman Cousins, UCLA Medical School

Westwood Village

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