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Asbury Park New Jersey Excursion
An easy day trip from New York City

On the Jersey Shore


Check out these Asbury Park Surf Cams, with views of its boardwalk and a surf report. Scroll down to see all.


I very much enjoyed my day trip from New York City to Asbury Park, New Jersey, but this trip is not for everyone.

You will be visiting a predominantly rundown seaside city. It would not be fair to you not to mention that.

This trip is most specifically for 1) Bruce "Born in the USA" Springsteen fans, who want to experience the Jersey shore city that so influenced Springsteen's music, 2) for beach lovers (it has a great one), and 3) for urbanists who will love seeing a city being reborn from great decay.

However, do not think that you should wander blissfully around all areas of Asbury Park. This oceanside town's crime rate has improved in recent years, but it is still far too high.

Per CityRating.com, the "city violent crime rate for Asbury Park in 2016 was higher than the national violent crime rate average by 256.42% and the city property crime rate in Asbury Park was higher than the national property crime rate average by 87.23%." Yikes.

Instead, enjoy the fine Asbury Park beach, explore its old boardwalk area, and visit its central business district—the places described in the video below.

The train ride to Asbury Park

To get to Asbury Park, buy an inexpensive day return train ticket on New Jersey Transit from New York Penn Station to Asbury Park Station. Check schedules and fares online. Sit on the left.

You will then ride past an interesting visage of American urban, industrial, and suburban life.

As you leave the Hudson River area, the route becomes more and more affluent with impressive homes and grounds until suddenly—as suddenly as crossing a short bridge—you enter Asbury Park, a strangely located example of Atlantic coast rust belt decay.

How this city—situated on a fine stretch of Jersey shoreline—declined to its present deteriorated condition (although improving), I do not know. For a fascinating look at Asbury Park's past and present check out Peter Jon Linberg's "City of Ruins."

Asbury Park boardwalk area

Above: The vibrancy of the Boardwalk on a busy day. These boardwalks are a tradition in New Jersey seaside towns, with the one in Atlantic City being the most famous. In contrast, California has nearly none.

From the Jersey Transit train station in Asbury Park, walk east on Cookman Avenue, Asbury Park's busy main street, and once near the beach, turn right on Asbury Avenue one block to the Asbury Park Casino on the Boardwalk.

From the casino, the Asbury Park boardwalk extends northward. Ocean Avenue parallels it.

The Stone Pony, the historic music club known for lunching the careers of Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen, sits at 913 Ocean Avenue. It still features national acts. Its outdoor stage gives additional capacity during summer.

Happily, you will notice new construction in the area, as well as renovation going on.

The depressed real estate prices in Asbury Park have attracted many new residents, who commute to NYC. Prices have gone up, but still remain much lower than in suburbs with better reputations.

Enjoy your visit to Asbury Park, New Jersey!













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