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Walking to Experience New York City
Enjoy Battery Park and New York Harbour

A sunset walk along the Hudson River at Battery Park while walking to experience New York City.

Above: A sunset walk along the Hudson River at Battery Park, New York City.

Above: Focuses on the Battery Park City area, which was an innovative urban development project. The historic Battery Park shoreline hugs the tip of Manhattan to the south of it.

Walking down Broadway (called the Canyon of the Heroes here) from the Stock Exchange area, you soon reach Battery Park at the southern tip of Manhattan, which has awesome views of New York Harbour.

Just before you enter the park, note the New York branch of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian at One Bowling Green, where the Canyon of the Heroes ends.

Now, walk across the park to the shoreline, and enjoy the wonderful views. This will be one of the highlights of your NYC visit.

For even better views, board the Staten Island Ferry at the park, whose route takes you through the heart of New York Harbour. You'll see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the New York skyline.

When you reach Staten Island, immediately come back, as largely residential Staten Island (which is a part of New York City) holds little interest for a first time visitor to New York.

NOTE: Avoid this ferry inbound to Manhattan during the morning rush hour and outbound in the afternoon one. Packed—packed—packed with commuters.

Ellis Island

Instead of or in addition to the Staten Island Ferry, from Battery Park you may take one of the smaller boats that travel to Ellis Island, adjacent to the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbour.

These are not the bargain of the Staten Island Ferry, but the Ellis Island trip is worthwhile for those who want to walk in the footsteps of the millions of people—more than 12 million via this processing centre alone—who came to the U.S., often almost penniless, to give their children and themselves a better life.

Amazingly, more than 40 percent of all living Americans trace their roots to someone who landed at Ellis Island.

The boats to the Statue of Liberty, on the other hand, are not recommended.

The statue was never designed to serve the hordes of tourists who want to climb its oppressively narrow stairway and its queues are horrific.

Continue your New York City walk with Chinatown and Little Italy.

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