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Walking to Experience New York City
Visit Carnegie Hall and Columbus Circle

Carnegie Hall

Continue north on Seventh Avenue to 57th Street and turn right onto 57th. .

You reach Carnegie Hall at 154 West 57th at Seventh Avenue.

Carnegie Hall, many agree, is the finest indoor venue for classical music in the United States, although its productions are not the elaborate extravaganzas of the more well-known Lincoln Center.

At Carnegie, you can expect superb sound quality. Moreover, its audiences are certainly among the most respectful in the United States. Visit its Internet site, or contact it at 1 212 247-7800 for information about various reduced rate admission plans, including student rush.

Return to Seventh Avenue and continue walking north to Central Park South (a street). You'll see Central Park across the street.

Central Park South is one of the most prestigious addresses in New York City. Condos here—especially those with park views—are prized. You will visit more of this street later.

Columbus Circle

Turn left on Central Park South to Columbus Circle, at the southwestern corner of Central Park.

By the time you read this, Columbus Circle may have a new name due to charges that he abused indigenous peoples upon arrival in the Western Hemisphere. As you can imagine, this a sparked a battle with New York City's large community of Americans of Italian descent.

In this itinerary, it seems as if you have been walking a long way, from 42nd to 59th streets, but these blocks are very short—and the street scenes so interesting—that you forget the time.

Columbus Circle is another focal point for subway lines, and thus is a good place to start your walk, if you have already seen Times Square.

The column in the centre of the traffic circle gives tribute to Christopher Columbus and his three ships and the monument at the adjacent entrance to Central Park honours the 260 American men who died during the explosion of the battleship Maine in Havana Harbour in 1898.

Based on the frenzied "yellow journalism" of William Randolph Hearst's ("Citizen Kane's") newspaper empire, the U.S. blamed Spain for the explosion, and quickly won the war that ensued. Spain had extended its empire so much that it went beyond its ability to have sufficient military forces to protect it.

Suddenly, the U.S. found itself as an Imperial power with colonies in Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippine Islands, what became the Dominican Republic, the island of Guam, etc.—in short, all of Spain's remaining empire outside of Africa.

However, there was a big problem with this war and its outcome: Spain never attacked the Maine!

Years later, scientists found that a spontaneous explosion of coal dust in a hold on the Maine was was the culprit, not a Spanish torpedo. Whoops! Sorry about that.

Continue your New York City walk with Donald Trump.

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