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Walking to Experience New York City
Visit the historic Empire State Building and the Public Library

New York Public Library

On this corner sits the New York Public Library with the loins framing its east entrance to bring good luck.

Take a look at the well-known large reading room inside. Movie fans may remember the 1966 Francis Coppola film, "You're a Big Boy Now," featuring Karen Black and Geraldine Page shot to a large extent in this library. It was nominated for Golden Globe best film and for the Pamed d'Or.

Check out special events and exhibitions on the library web site. In addition, Bryant Park at its back offers concerts and poetry readings in the summer. At this serious research library, books may not be checked out.

New Yorkers love their renovated Bryant Park in back of the New York Public Library. Rest here for awhile..

From 42nd and Fifth, take either an M2, 3, or 5 city bus southbound on Fifth Avenue.

Empire State Building – Herald Square area

Above: Nice introduction to Herald Square neighbourhood.

Hop off at 34th Street to visit the top of the Empire State Building, which sadly on 11 September 2001 once again became the tallest building in New York. You experience remarkable views in every direction. In addition, you may explore the huge Macy's Department Store at Fifth and 34th Street.

The corner of Avenue of the Americas and 34th, a block west of Fifth Avenue, is called Herald Square.

Whereas Times Square refers to the New York Times, whose offices used to be there, Herald Square refers to the no longer published New York Herald Tribune.

Fahrenheit 728

September 11, 2001 was not the first time terror rained from the sky in New York City.

On July 28, 1945, New Yorkers witnessed an American B-25 Mitchell bomber crashing into the Empire State Building.

Flames engulfed the north side of the skyscraper, as fiery debris and burning high-octane fuel cascaded to the streets below. The impact was so strong that one engine of the plane went through seven walls, emerged out the other side of the Empire State Building, and then plunged through the roof of a neighbouring building.

As debris dropped down elevator shafts, a cable was severed, and one woman in a lift fell over 75 stories, but somehow managed to survive.

Although Germany had surrendered nearly three months before and the war with Japan raged far away, panic broke out as New Yorkers believed that they were under attack. War hysteria quickly spread through the city.

Happily, although the crash happened at 9:49 a.m., only some 1,500 people were in the building, instead of the usual 10,000 – 15,000, as it was the weekend. Fourteen lives were lost, including the crew of the B-25.

On their way to Newark, New Jersey, the B-25 crew had become disorientated in the fog and low clouds that shrouded New York City.

Dropping down in hopes of better visibility, the crew found themselves manoeuvring around New York City skyscrapers—at one point flying down 42nd Street. Attempting to gain altitude again, the Empire State Building was too large and too tall to avoid.

The B-25 Mitchell bomber series participated in the famous Doolittle raid on Tokyo and three other Japanese cities on April 18, 1945, just four months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour.

Little damage was done then, but the raid shocked the Japanese people and helped build Allied morale, after so many setbacks.

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