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Walking New York City
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Miracle Mile and Rockefeller Center
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Walking to Experience New York City
Fifth Avenue, Grand Army Plaza, and the Plaza Hotel

Fifth Avenue

Walk south on Fifth Avenue from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

You're now in the most exclusive area of New York City.

Having an apartment or condo overlooking beautiful Central Park along this section of Fifth Avenue is even more prestigious than owning one along Central Park South. Fifth Avenue between the Metropolitan and Central Park South epitomizes the good life.

Many of the world's wealthiest people maintain apartments or condos along here. Expect to see nannies and governesses with their Richie Rich charges.

The southern end of the park is known as the children's section. Here you'll find the Central Park Zoo, the Woolman Rink (a staking rink remodelled under the supervision of Donald Trump), and other attractions for kids. This is the busiest area of the park.

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Grand Army Plaza

All too soon, you reach the south end of Central Park.

This is marked by the handsome Grand Army Plaza, which refers to the victorious Union Army during the War between the States.

The generation that fought in the American Civil War moved into power at the same time New York was taking its place as one of the great cities on the world. You'll see monuments to this generation everywhere in Manhattan.

Grand Army Plaza, the Woolman Rink, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art were modifications to the original park plan, which called for an almost purely pastoral environment of forests and meadows and lakes.

Please thank the many New Yorkers who have fought to keep incursions like the Metropolitan Museum to a minimum. It is not that these are not fine places; it's just that why use one of New York City's few green spaces for them?

Plaza Hotel

Above: A scene from "Scent of a Woman" in the Plaza Hotel's famous Oak Room, a star in many films. The room itself closed and has been involved in controversy in recent years.

Across from the Grand Army Plaza is the ideally located Plaza Hotel, one of America's grand urban hotels. Note that it merits a street plaza of its own on its east side. It also fronts Central Park South on its other side.

Updated by Donald Trump's former wife Ivana, who was the manager, the Plaza lobby is well worth a visit.

Numerous movie scenes have been filmed in this lobby and at its main entrance on Fifth Avenue, including Bette Midler's very funny Big Business and the sadistic Home Alone Two. The hotel itself has played a staring role in plays and movies including Plaza Suite.

Continue your New York City walk with Miracle Mile and Rockefeller Center.

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