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Walking to Experience NYC's Wall Street Area
Including Ground Zero

View from above of New York City's Ground Zero just as first new construction is taking place. Nearly done is PATH subway station to Jersey City and Newark.

Ground Zero - World Trade Center site

Above: Blast debris and human remains--what could be found of them--have been removed and restoration has begun. At this point the sole facility that had become open was a PATH subway station to Jersey City and Newark on the right.

On September 11, 2001, nearly 3,000 people lost their lives at this sombre location, more than died at Pearl Harbour, the Japanese attack that led the United States into World War 2.

I highly suggest that you join a free walking tour of this area. These must be booked in advance. Although "free," please donate to help keep these tours operating. Note that the tour may not be operating daily.

World Trade Center. Free Tours by Foot

Then join our independent walking tour at 26 Wall Street. Please Google map it from wherever you are now.

Financial District - Wall Street

Looking down a narrow street lined with historic buildings in the Wall Street area of New York City toward Freedom Tower.

At 26 Wall Street, you've reached the Federal Hall National Memorial.

This was the site of the first capitol building of the United States. The Bill of Rights was written here. George Washington was inaugurated as president here. Although the former U.S. capitol building was torn down in 1812, the present building was once the city hall of New York City.

Just after the Federal Hall site, turn right onto William Street.

After one block, turn right onto Exchange Place.

Turn right onto Broad Street.

At 20 Broad, you've reached the New York Stock Exchange.

Tickets for 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. tours on Monday through Friday are very limited, and tours may be cancelled due to any increase in the terror threat level.

Return to Exchange Place, and turn right.

Walk westbound to Broadway (in this area called the Canyon of the Heroes).

Above: This portion of Broadway, the Canyon of Heroes is where New York City and the entire USA due to live broadcasts celebrates the achievements of its heroes with ticker tape parades.

Ticker tape refers to the thin ribbons of paper once used in stock ticker machines in stock brokerage offices above the street, which provided a running print-out of stock market fluctuations. So much would be thrown out of windows that it created an exciting snow blizzard-like flurry. Of course, technological advances have eliminated the need for this tape.

Turn left onto Broadway, Canyon of the Heroes, and walk southbound.

Continue your New York City walk with Battery Park, Ellis Island, NYC Harbour.

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