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Walking to Experience New York City
Experience the center of the art world

Whitney Museum of American Art

View of New York skyline from avove just after sunrise or before sunset.  This type of view inspires all that is artistically creative in New York City.

Earlier, in the Lincoln Center and Upper East Side

You are now riding on one of the frequent M-1 or M-3 MTA buses northbound on Madison Avenue.

If you would like the visit the Whitney Museum of American Art, get off at 75th Street.

This impressive building on Madison holds many controversial exhibits, and has the largest collection of 20th-century American art in the world.

Not controversial at all is Sarabeth's, the excellent museum cafe and restaurant, open until the late afternoon or early evening. Like the museum, it closes Monday.

Conservatory Garden in Central Park

Continue your bus ride northbound on Madison.

Exit at 105th Street.

Walk left—westbound—on 105th to Fifth Avenue and Central Park.

Just south of 105th, you'll notice a gate in the park fence.


You're entering the Conservatory Gardens of Central Park.

This special area consists of English, French, and Italian-style gardens separated by formal walkways lined by benches and trees. These walks are great for quiet reading or a pleasant picnic lunch.

Visit first the French and Italian gardens to your front and right. The lake you see through the fence on your north is the Harlem Meer, which sits on the northern edge of the park.

Then enjoy the simply outstanding English garden, south of these. Dr. Voyageur's favourite!

During the day, you should find ample visitors and park employees around, which help keep this area safe. This area is also fenced off from the rest of the park for extra safety.

The gardens are not open in the evening.

Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art

Exit the Conservatory Garden, and walk to the bus stop on Fifth Avenue just to your right as you exit.

Grab either the M-1, 2, 3, or 4 bus southbound. One of these should arrive within several minutes.

Continue southbound on Fifth Avenue.

Even if you don't have much time, get off at 88th Street, where you'll find the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art.

The Guggenheim was designed Frank Lloyd Wright. Even if you don't like the art the building alone is worth the visit. It is really a must see on any visit to New York, and doesn't take much time to explore.

After visiting the museum, if you can walk along a path with other people (this area usually has lots of visitors), go into Central Park in this area. One entrance is near 90th Street. You'll quickly reach the park's most impressive lake, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reservoir.

The late Mrs. Onassis, the former wife of President John F. Kennedy, worked hard to enhance the quality of life in New York City, where she lived for many years after the death of the president.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Now, walk south on Fifth Avenue (or hop on an M-1, 2, 3, or 4 bus). You'll notice that the buildings—mostly deluxe condos—fronting the park are becoming more distinguished.

At 84th Street and Fifth Avenue, you reach the Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of world's great art collections. This is the most important collection in North America, which may reflect the wisdom of locating a museum in one of America's most wealthy neighbourhoods.

Admission is nominal. But, this is not an easy place to experience in a short time. You literally could spend days in this wonderful museum. At least find shelter from hectic New York in the Japanese rock garden here.

On warm and sunny days, as you peak around the south side of the museum, you may see hundreds of people working on their tans on grassy hills in the park.

In general, if you keep with the crowds in Central Park, you should be safe. Do not go anywhere in the park that does not have a lot of visitors.

Central Park, by the way, was the first landscaped park in the U.S. London had created one, Hyde Park, and—by golly!—so would New York deemed the city fathers.

Continue your New York City walk with Fifth Avenue, Grand Army Plaza, and Plaza Hotel.

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