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Pacific Spirit Hostel Vancouver Pros & Cons

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Hostel Booking Tips

What Type of Hostel Is Best for You?
Three Hostel Types

Want to have a full night’s sleep? Or, hate rules and curfews? There’s a hostel right for you.

And, in North America, that increasingly includes older guests, who don't want to face high hotel prices in places like New York City.

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Three types of hostels:

American and Canadian hostels tend to come in 3 types or a combination of these. When you do your research, you will end up at the one best for you. Read those hostel reviews prior to booking.

1.  Traditional communal hostels: seldom large, these offer a family feeling—the type of good feeling that you’ll find when visiting a group of friends who share a house.

You’ll usually find

  • comfortable areas for socializing,
  • a communal kitchen, and
  • organized group activities, such as kayaking or seeing a film, with high participation.

You may be expected to contribute to the chores.

The Glenwood Springs Hostel near Aspen Colorado and Ocean Island Inn in Victoria British Columbia are typical communal hostels that strive to please.

2.  Party hostels: with few rules and never a curfew, these offer their fun-oriented and often hard drinking clientele a refuge from other hostel types.

Guests are often fiercely loyal returning again and again for the good times. (You certainly will not if you dislike noise.) These places may feature rather poor maintenance and cleaning, but often sponsor loads of group activities.

The Los Angeles Surf City Hostel in Hermosa Beach, a few steps from the beach, offers a fine example of a well-run party hostel that provides a fun environment for its guests.

3.  Hotel-like hostels: these may be exceptionally well run, priced right, and otherwise okay for you, but have little personality.

Nevertheless, some of these may be perfect for you.

As an example, the University of British Columbia Conference Centre in Vancouver runs Pacific Spirit Hostel from May into August using residence halls that otherwise would be empty.

It offers hostel-style rates for single rooms.

It's clean and its staff is helpful and friendly, but the hostel has no pub on site and no staff leading you on walking tours

I write about this fine hostel here >

Pacific Spirit Hostel Vancouver Pros & Cons

Pick the right hostel environment for you and enjoy your trip!

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