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Los Angeles Hostel Tips: Hollywood Hostels

Hollywood and West Hollywood Hostels
Selecting the Best Hostel Location for Your Los Angeles Stay

Nothing is more important than location when selecting a Los Angeles area hostel. Neighbourhoods vary greatly in convenience and safety.

Moreover, unlike most cities, LA activities do not tend to concentrate in one area. You can waste so much time getting from your hostel to what you want to visit, if you do not choose wisely.

This page helps you decide whether Hollywood has the hostel location best for you.

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Hollywood hostel advantages

Although the Hollywood district of Los Angeles lacks much of its bygone glamour, hostels in Hollywood still put you in the heart of Los Angeles sightseeing and nightlife.

With few exceptions, Hollywood hostels tend to be fun places. If you like to socialize and party, you’ve come to the right place.

Most Hollywood hostels put you close to the clubs on the famed Sunset Strip in the city of West Hollywood, CBS Television City, and the Los Angeles Farmer's Market.

You’ll find Universal and other studios just over the Hollywood Hills via the Red Line subway and the new Hollywood and Highland entertainment complex, incorporating the Chinese and Kodak academy awards theatres within walking distance of many Hollywood hostels.

Using public transportation, you can also reach Hollywood easily from Amtrak and LAX Airport. (See directions below.) Judged by rather low California standards, local transit to nearby areas is convenient. For example, you can quickly reach cultural and sports venues in downtown Los Angeles by subway. You may also use the subway to connect easily by Amtrak or Metrolink trains to Anaheim for Disneyland and by Amtrak for the San Diego Zoo.

Hollywood hostel disadvantages

You are not conveniently located to reach any of the beaches. There's no really quick way to reach them even if driving.

If you’re going to stay in Hollywood, you have to be careful.

Straying off Hollywood Boulevard, especially after dark, should only be done on busy streets. Hollywood Boulevard itself deteriorates as you walk eastward from Vine Street. Hollywood does not have a horrific crime rate, but nevertheless is an area with enough crime to worry about.

In Hollywood, you’ll find areas that seem destined to become a true skid road. Homeless people abound and prostitution flourishes on some streets. You’ll encounter people doomed to hard drugs.

Not all of Hollywood—for example, the area immediately adjacent to the Hollywood and Highland complex and the neighborhoods closest to West Hollywood—is like this, however.

Hollywood hostel choices

We haven't included specific recommendations because too many changes go on.

Use a map to make sure that you will be located ideally. Moreover, as always, especially in urban areas, pay special attention to how previous customers have rated them.

Directions to Hollywood hostels

—From Amtrak Union Station in downtown Los Angeles:

The Red Line subway directly from Union Station takes you to Hollywood and Vine station, within walking distance of many hostels. There's also a station in the eastern portion of Hollywood.

—From LAX airport:

From outside of the arrival level (lower level) of each LAX Airport terminal (under green signs marked “Flyaway”): take the Metro “Flyaway” shuttle 1) to Hollywood or 2) to Amtrak Union Station, where you transfer to the Red Line subway to Hollywood.

—From Hollywood/Burbank Airport (Bob Hope Airport):

Take an Amtrak or Metrolink train to LA Union Station and the transfer to the Red Line subway to Hollywood. Trains run reasonably frequently except at night.

—From Greyhound:

I highly suggest that you take a taxi or use Uber (you need its app) to LA Union Station and there transfer to the Red Line subway to Hollywood.

The walk from Greyhound to Union Station doesn't take terribly long, but it takes you through one of the worst skid row areas in North America--simply horrific to experience..

Have fun in Hollywood!

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