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Choosing your base

Off the beaten track L.A.

Southern California has an obsession with death & you will love it! A travel guide

Los Angeles:
In-depth Information and the Best Links

What you need to know to enjoy your time in L.A.

We start with choosing the best location to stay in L.A.—picking the best base for your hotel or hostel in Los Angeles—and then sort through what to see and not to see. Having fun on the best beaches. Visiting Universal and other studios. Making your way with local transportation. You'll even learn a little Southern California history that will help you better appreciate the uniqueness of Los Angeles.

Choosing the right routine

Slow down. That's our advice. Try not to do too much. As in Australia, a frenetic pace has not become the Southern California lifestyle. For one thing, in summer LA's much too hot!

Frequently during summer, low clouds and fog obscure Los Angeles area beaches during the morning.

Usually by mid or late morning, however, it becomes sunny and warm, and this is the ideal beach time. The ideal routine: Explore in the morning; enjoy a beach in the afternoon; have some fun activity in the evening.

Nevertheless, there is so very much to do, day or night, in Los Angeles. Please allow ample time to visit this fascinating area.

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