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Taking along Lonely Planet Canada, published during October 2002, gives you the most comprehensive and up-to-date budget and moderate-cost travel coverage of all of Canada. Without question, this is the best Canadian guidebook.

Ideal for those who wish to visit the "real" Canada, the famed Canadian
"bush", the country beyond Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Vancouver, Lonely
Planet Canada covers all you need to know to plan great trips.

Canadian cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, and Vancouver get super coverage too, with a special emphasis on less expensive accommodations, dining, and transportation.

Packed with travel tips for all regions of Canada, yet easy to carry, this guidebook offers travellers extensive sightseeing information, clear maps, the most scenic routes to drive, coach and train suggestions, and in-depth cultural and historical and political background at a reasonable price.

Readers find all sorts of special features, including extensive coverage of outdoor activities and adventure sports, whale-watching, the Arcadians, native crafts, local cuisine (fiddleheads, butter tarts . . .), Via Rail Canada, Greyhound Canada, national and provincial parks, and on and on.

Still the "on-the-cheap" traveller's companion, this fine guide also serves those who want to pay more in order to save time and to have additional comfort.

Highly recommended, Lonely Planet Canada serves as a great resource for Canadians and visitors alike.

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Canadian currency.)

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