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National Geographic Scenic
Highways and Byways

Guide to the Most Beautiful Roads
In the United States

National Geographic Scenic Highways and Byways

Stunningly beautiful State Route 128 branches off Interstate 70 near Moab, Utah, and follows the Colorado River offering scenes nearly as spectacular as if we could drive along the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Sadly, however, nearly all drivers remain instead on the dull stretch of Interstate 70, choosing to rush toward their destinations.

Most guidebooks are the same. Many fine ones describe in detail what to do at the popular places, the big cities, and the major national parks, but nearly none discusses in detail the worthwhile options available for travel between the various places, some of which are as enjoyable as the well-known destinations themselves.

Two friends of Dr. Voyageur pointed him to one road, Route 128. National Geographic's Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways, on the other hand, nudges us off the Interstates onto 200 of the most beautiful highways in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Filled with the detailed descriptions, clear maps, and the lovely photos expected in a National Geographic publication, this guide makes an ideal companion to Let's Go USA and Canada or a regional guide like Let's Go California. Dr. Voyageur has travelled dozens of the routes mentioned and rates this as a must buy for any auto traveller.

This is one of Dr. Voyageur' s favourite National Georaphic Society guides.

Very highly recommended.

National Geographic Scenic Highways and Byways

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