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Cheap one-way (single) airfares

Have you ever asked an airline clerk or travel counsellor the cost of a one-way flight? Or, the cost of a trip that includes more than one destination?

The answers can be shocking.

However, this situation has greatly improved in recent years with the growth of budget airlines like Westjet in Canada and Southwest in the U.S.

Still, these and similar airlines don't tend to offer viable one-way fares on routes into smaller airports or into some larger ones such as Cincinnati.

What to do?

When faced with high one-way fares, you may have alternatives—

  • Search for alternative airports.

    Few budget one-way flights serve Reagan National Airport in Washington, but nearby Baltimore/Washington Airport, 30 miles from downtown Washington, has hundreds each day.

    Out of over 600 flights at Baltimore, some 75% probably offer budget one-way fares, if booked early enough.

    It's the same in Europe. Budget airlines don't serve Heathrow, but one Ryanair, serves three other London airports, with fares currently as low as £5.00, including taxes and fees. With Ryanair though (as with Allegiant Air in the States) those fees can really add up to a overall very bad deal.

  • Plan multiple destination trips or one-way trips around routes that traditionally offer the best one-way fares, due to either the presence of budget airlines or lots of competition.

  • Use "circle fares" as described in the Open jaws & circle trips lesson.

Which airlines offer cheap one-way fares in North America?

Well, they all do—at least when they compete on a route with a budget airline.

Those that consistently offer low one-way airfares on all their routes include

These airlines now reach at least near most of the American and Canadian population. And, as mentioned, their competitors usually match one--way fares on routes where these compete.

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