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Hotels Near Madison Square Garden
Stop paying retail for New York City hotels

You can save significantly on Madison Square Garden hotels.

You save most by choosing the neighborhood, quality, and price you want, rather than a specific hotel.

This approach allows hotels to sell you their vacant rooms at big discounts—sometimes as much as 75% off!

Outstanding NYC hotel bargains. Check out: Hotwire.com

No lower online price, guaranteed

You are guaranteed an unbeatable price for the same hotel, room type, and dates, or you'll be refunded double the difference (excluding taxes). Any lower price you find must actually be available to the general public within 48 hours of booking.

You choose star ratings and amenities. The 1 to 5 stars you see are similar to AAA's auto club diamond ratings.

Only prices actually available are displayed, and you'll find out all taxes and fees before booking.

Check these neighborhoods for best deals

The Midtown South neighborhood puts you around Madison Square Garden and Penn Station at a hub of New York City public transportation.

However, always check adjacent Midtown Central, Times Square, and Midtown East for possibly lower prices. All are convenient to Madison Square Garden.

If less expensive Manhattan hotels are sold out, try Hotwire's JFK or LaGuardia airport hotels for real savings. The combo JFK AirTrain and express "E" subway line make the trip to Manhattan especially convenient from the JFK airport area.


Remember the rules

With these discounts, you won't get a refund and you can't change your dates once you authorize payment.

Print out your confirmation, and take it with you to the hotel.

Have a great time at Madison Square Garden and enjoy your savings in New York City!


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