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Walking to Experience New York City
Getting to know New York City In the best way possible

Walking through some of NYC's most interesting neighbourhoods

New York City's Times Square at night crowded with sightseers and highly lit large billboards.

To really know New York City, you have to see it up close—you have to experience it as New Yorkers do by walking.

Here you'll find several Manhattan walks. These New York City walks (or one long walk) are super ways to enjoy and learn about Manhattan.

Take your pick from three choices >:

  • You can do the itinerary all in one day, skipping the great museums and other usual stopping points, which is all right if you do not have much time.

    Even in this way, you'll still get a great feeling for New York City and have the chance to explore a few places in depth. And, because you will use buses for the less interesting portions, the day should not be too tiring.

  • You can just do one part of the walk in depth, if your time is limited.

    For example, you could visit Times Square, then walk east on 42nd Street to Fifth Avenue, and then travel north on Fifth to Central Park via the fabulous "Miracle Mile," which includes Saint Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Center, the Plaza Hotel, the Trump Tower, and much of New York City's most exclusive shopping.

  • Or, you can break up the walk into two, three, or more days. You don't have to trek all day. This gives you time to enjoy the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other such places.

Whatever your choice, be sure to see New York City tips for other sightseeing suggestions and links, as well as the Safety lesson.

To begin your New York City walk, go to Times Square, although you may start anywhere along the walk convenient to you.

Go to >> Times Square
Go to >> Carnegie Hall and Columbus Circle
Go to >> Trump Tower
Go to >> Lincoln Center and Upper East Side
Go to >> Art Museums (Whitney, Guggenheim, Metropolitan)
Go to >> Fifth Avenue, Grand Army Plaza, and Plaza Hotel
Go to >> Miracle Mile and Rockefeller Center
Go to >> Public Library and Empire State Building
Go to >> Union Square and Greenwich Village
Go to >> Ground Zero and Wall Street
Go to >> Battery Park, Ellis Island, NYC Harbour
Go to >> Chinatown and Little Italy

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